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The Executive Bulletproof Vest is a discrete covert armor vest, providing full front, back and side ballistic protection. Ideal for Civilians, VIPs , Businessmen and Bodyguards. It looks like a harmless suit vest but don't be fooled, it has ballistic capabilities. This is ideal protection for professionals and businessmen or anyone who wants security while dressing formally. Manufactured in accordance with NIJ Standard Level IIIA Features: * Adjustable back closing design * Area of ballistic coverage: 930in2 - 0.6m2 * Front to back wrap around ballistic protection * Fixed ballistic shoulders * Removable ballistic panels sealed in a water proof PVC bag * Washable outer Shell (Extra Shells optional) * Separate Female version Additional Options Anti Stab Panels Level I and Level II. What are Anti Stab Panels? Because knives and sharp instruments have much finer points than bullets; they have to be addressed with different types of resistant material. Don't confuse these Levels with the Ballistic Levels, they are separate designations added to the ballistic resistance of the vest. Anti Stab Level I resists low levels of thrust. Anti Stab Level II resists a higher level of thrust. (See our Ballistic Chart for more details) Do you need Anti Stab Panels? That is hard for us to answer. You should analyze your environment and decide if you need that type of extra protection. Rest assured that whatever you decide; you will have greater security than you ever had before. Extra Shells* (Wear one while one is being washed)

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