Lightweight Level 3 Polyethylene Bulletproof Plate

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The lightest Level 111 (NIJ) protection available.
Weighs in at under 4lbs each.1.7kgs Level III (NIJ)stand-alone.
Polyethylene plates are 1" thick (~25 mm.) and 10" x 12".


Due to the material used in making these lightweight plates the ballistic performance may be adversely affected by prolonged exposure to certain temperature fluctuations below MINUS 15°F ( - 26 °Celsius) and over 175 °F (79 ° Celsius).Also they may melt if exposed to a naked flame or if left for a long period in excessive direct sunlight.
(High-powered rifle). This armor, normally of hard or semirigid construction, protects against 7.62mm full-metal jacketed bullets (US military designation M80) with nominal masses of 9.7 g (150 gr.) impacting at a velocity of 838 m/s (2,750 ft/s) or less. It also provides protection against threats such as 223 Remington (5.56mm FMJ), 30 Carbine FMJ, and 12-gauge rifled slug, as well as Level I through IIIA threats. Level III body armor is clearly intended only for tactical situations when the threat warrants such protection, such as barricade confrontations involving sporting rifles.

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